a-Perspectives is a consulting, training and software development company that helps innovative start-ups, software and consulting companies expand their information products and services so that the business can achieve its full potential.

Our story

Absolute Perspectives (a-Perspectives)  was founded by Gavin Halse in 2014 to develop and commercialise software products that leverage new technologies and platforms.    

Together with our partners we focus on improving business performance by developing and marketing specialised software products that enhance processes and empower people with the skills, experience and capabilities necessary to achieve excellence in their professional activities.


Absolute Perspectives (abbreviated to a-Perspectives or “AP”) talks to the importance of changing ones view (perspective) in order to succeed.  Sometimes all it takes is a small change in mindset to make all the difference in our personal and professional lives.


  • a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.
  • true understanding of the relative importance of things; a sense of proportion



“Business only has two functions, marketing and innovation”   Innovation comes from deep insights and understanding together with clear vision and good process


We believe that leadership is solving problems using influence.  We help leaders to develop strategies for both personal and business transformation.


We believe strongly in empowering and motivating people to strive for excellence in everything they do. Only through good motivated people will you have a sustainable business.


Technology, when used correctly has the undisputed potential to enhance your business.  The intelligent cloud enables new perspectives on business and sets new standards for success

The future of technology

The continued disruptive nature of technology and the web means that never before has there been so much opportunity to create value in new innovative ways.  Our business was formed to take advantage of these opportunities.

Success through insight

With over 20 years practical experience in engineering, technology and software business development,  our team has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by our clients.

Success in partnerships

As a fast growing business we work hard with partners to achieve more together.  We connect with industry experts, entrepreneurs and established businesses in a way that allows us to remain focused, agile and specialised on what we do best.


How we might help you

We are passionate about software product management and helping you unlock the next level opportunities for your product by serving a wider market.

We work  with smaller startups as well as established software and consulting organisations.

Our own product strategy is focused on applications that we host for our customers in the cloud.  We use Microsoft tools such as Visual Studio, Xamarin and SQL Server hosted on Microsoft Azure to create scaleable cloud hosted mobile enabled solutions.

We believe strongly in developing technical specialists. TechnicalLeaders is an online resource designed for entrepreneurs, technical specialists and professionals who are looking to develop their business leadership skills.  TechnicalLeaders is built on the Learn4Keeps platform which allows us to connect experts with professionals across the world.

Gavin brings with him not only a deep understanding of IT-related matters, but a clear view as to how IT can be employed to best advantage in solving practical business problems.

Gary Cundill

Group Technical and EH&S Manager, AECI Limited

Gavin has the rare ability to appreciate technology and business in the same decision making process. He has a meticulous attention to detail and always strove to providing the best of breed. Gavin constantly ensures that the solutions deveoped, can be held to international standards. He served as a mentor to me personally in my six years with the company.

Dinesh Naidoo

Chief Technology Officer, Securitas

“Gavin is able to use his extensive knowledge of information technology to provide insightful thought leadership and practical guidance to organisations. His approach combines the rigour of his engineering training, the “can do attitude” fostered in designing and running plants, with the entrepreneurial appetite gained from building an IT company”

Scott Bredin

Managed Services, Adapt IT (Pty) Ltd

Gavin recently presented a most interesting lecture to my Virtual Collaboration (VC) students titled “Virtual Teams, Some Stories From The Trenches”. Not only was the content an excellent contextual fit but the way in which Gavin presented his material was both educational and entertaining, essentially edutainment at its best. Gavin seemed very comfortable adapting his presentation style to the virtual classroom environment that we use for this module. Feedback from both students and colleagues was highly complimentary.

“I thoroughly enjoyed our session with Gavin this morning. I felt his years of experience gave us a more practical view on VC to complement our more theoretic discussions which is important”

“Jee you can see Gavin Halse has earned the t-shirt, what a fascinating presentation loved it!”

This is the second time Gavin has presented to my honours students and both times he has fully understood the brief and delivered a highly professional presentation. I highly recommend Gavin for this type of engagement.

Chris Upfold

Senior Lecturer , Rhodes University


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